The Users’ Committee played a major role in several different files this year. Many managers at the institution consulted the Users’ Committee for input and advice on their different projects to improve services.

This constructive approach allows the members of the Users’ Committee to make their voices heard and take an active part in the committee’s work and various functions.

2013-2014 was a pivotal year in terms of major projects at the CHUSJ and the CRME. Grandir en Santé, Sainte-Justine au Futur, and the strategic reflection by the CRME, among others, are concrete examples of user-centred projects.

The Users’ Committee enjoys actively supporting projects that improve living conditions for users and that educate them about their rights and obligations.

The Users’ Committee applauds the Communication Disorders Program and the Motor Development Disorders Program for developing a tool to keep parents informed and to encourage them to get involved as parent-partners.

The Users’ Committee will continue to work together on various files to ensure ongoing respect for users’ rights, quality services, and user satisfaction.

Thank you letter to the CHUSJ Users’ Committee: CHUSJ Gala Reconnaissance awards June 2014